Cape Girardeau Citizens Police Academy Accepting Applications Now

The Cape Girardeau Police Department is now accepting applications for the 8-week Citizens Police Academy. Classes will be on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 p.m., beginning March 13. For more information contact Cpl. Ike Hammonds at 573-339-6621.

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Citizens Police Academy Class Schedule

March 13 
1800  Welcome/Overview – Chief Kinnison (or designee)
1900  Department Tour – Sgt. Selzer or Ptlm. Hickey

March 20
1800  Municipal Court – Assistant City Attorney Greg Young
1900  Domestic Violence -Ptlm. Debbie Oliver

March 27
1800  Patrol Division – Patrol Commander Lt. John Davis
1900  Traffic Division – Sgt. Orr (or designee)

April 3
1800  Nuisance/Animal Control – Ptlm Ty Metzger (or designee)
1900  Support Services/Jail – Lt. Barry Hovis

April 10
1800  Detective/Science Invest Unit  -Cpl. Jeff Bonham
1900  School Resource Officer/DARE – Ptlm Bonds

April 17
1800  E-911 Dispatch – Cheryl Stoffregen
1900  K-9 – Ptlm Rahn

April 24
1800  Firearms – Lt. Hovis or Sgt. Schmidt
1900  Special Response Team – Lt. Davis (or designee)

Graduation (Date Pending)