New Neighborhood Watch, Start Your Own

Neighbors on and near Bellevue Street are developing their own neighborhood watch group. A neighborhood watch program is a great way to guard against crime and connect with local police.

Starting a Neighborhood Watch:
  • Distribute anti-crime information to citizens within your neighborhood or community regarding how to prevent and deter crime.
  • Hold public meetings with Cape Girardeau Police about crime in the community and what can be done about it.
  • Conduct home security surveys to help detect and prevent fellow citizens’ homes from being burglarized.
  • Welcome new members to their neighborhood and encourage them to join in the Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Set up a special watch or escort for senior citizens or other potential victims.
  • Provide “McGruff Houses” for young people to go to after school or in time of an emergency to avoid being hurt or mistreated.
  • Develop a special “vacation watch” program, where specific attention and observation is placed on the residences that will be vacant when the occupants are on vacation.
  • Contact the local newspaper and/or media for public attention regarding the crime prevention efforts in your neighborhood.
  • Have an “Operation Identification” program, where citizens within the neighborhood mark their valuables with identifying markings, so they can be recovered if stolen.

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