Cape Girardeau Skate Park Undergoing Repair

Parks and Recreation Department maintenance staff are currently repairing the skate park ramps and parking lot, and taking down the fence.

Repairs should be completed by late February. The skate park is located in Missouri Park. Questions? Call Parks and Recreation at 573-339-6340.


  1. The park looks better without the fence and the new paint, but what is going on with the new skatepark plans? The city really needs a better designed park and hopefully it will be concrete. I think it would have been better to put our limited resources towards building that, rather than painting metal rails that are already completely scratched up. Anyways just a thought from a Cape skater.

    • There’s $85,000 (parks/stormwater tax) in the Capital Improvements Program for Missouri Park in 2016. Where would you recommend another skate park be put should the funding be made made available?

  2. Thanks for prompt response. I do not have any real preference for the location of the park, it would be fine to build over the current lot or perhaps expand it as there is plenty of room surrounding it. Anywhere really. However reading a story online concerning the new park plans I read construction was thought to begin this winter and be in the Arena park? If you read the comments made on the stories about the new park on the Southeast Missourian website a lot a people wisely suggested that it be built in the old Capaha Park pool as it would save a huge amount of money because half of the work is already done. I have not been in that area for awhile but if the pool is still there that would be great idea the hole is already dug, and it would easy and relatively cheap to modify into an awesome park.

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