Cape LaCroix Creek Naturalization Project Underway

Recently volunteers planted several pounds of plant seeds around Cape Girardeau’s parks and the LaCroix Trail as a part of the Cape LaCroix Creek Naturalization Project.

The project will help establish native plants in an effort of naturalization along the path. Plants include native Missouri plant species ensuring the ecological health of areas along Cape LaCroix Creek is protected, restored and enhanced.

Naturalization is a process in which altered or degraded ecosystems are encouraged to grow. There are many benefits associated with a well-planned, diverse landscape. Naturally-occurring plant species support abundant animal life, reduces maintenance and offers year-round visual interest.

This project is supported by the Girardeau Goes Green Advisory Board, Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation, and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Economic Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs

Environmental Benefits

  • Native plants are reintroduced and bird and wildlife populations are able to re-establish themselves
  • Plants reduce atmospheric greenhouse gasses, clean the air and maintain oxygen levels required to support life
  • Plants stabilize slopes and prevent erosion

Quality of Life Benefits

  • The landscape will become a source of beauty as naturalized park and roadway sites mature
  • Citizens become involved in environmental programs

Natural landscapes benefit in many ways by:

  • Enriching the diversity and beauty of the urban environment
  • Providing meaningful ways to educate about the natural environment
  • Fostering an environmental awareness
  • Building a sense of community
  • Enhancing the conservation and preservation of natural environments
  • Contributing to the livable community