Two Reduced-Price Homes for Sale, Many Costs Covered

4-Sight Counseling and the City of Cape Girardeau have two homes available for sale: 62 Rivercrest Drive ($80,750) and 1935 Benjamin ($112,200). The homes are marked at 15-percent below appraisal value and many of the purchasing costs are covered. (VIEW on Map)

Powered by the Federal Housing and Economic Recovery Act, the City and 4 Sight Counseling buy foreclosed homes in target areas of Cape Girardeau at below the appraised value, professional contractors make improvements, and then they are sold at a discount to homebuyers.

This program is not for investors, not for second homes, only for a buyer’s primary homesteaded residence. Applicants are required to complete an 8-hour Home Buyer Education Class. You must be within the 120% median income guidelines.

Please call 4 Sight Counseling at 334-7995 to apply.

For more on the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, available homes, income guidelines and more visit