Downtown Community Improvement District Update

The Downtown Community Improvement District (CID) is an area that includes the Riverfront, Broadway, Sprigg, Good Hope, and Morgan Oak.  If successful, the CID would use a combination of property and sales tax to fund services for the area.  The services would include:

  • Clean & Attractive – activities such as trash and litter pick-up, streetscape maintenance, and holiday decorations
  • Safety – activities such as security management and camera incentive fund
  • Vibrant – activities such as marketing and special events.  These services would NOT replace existing City services, but rather be an enhancement.

These would be in addition to existing City services such as street cleaning.

CURRENT STATUS: Interested property owners in the area are collecting signatures. They have 41% assessed value and 23% per capita.  They need over 50% before submitting it to the City for review.


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