4,149 Oct. Bus Riders at CTA

A recent report from the Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority showed bus ridership approaching 140 people on average per day. The graph shows recent bus ridership numbers, which excludes cab rides. Ridership is certainly steady if not on the rise. The City paid $110,000 this fiscal year to support the program.


  1. So let me get this straight. The City put in $110K this fiscal year. That is $301.37 for every single day. Average ridership is 138 folks per day. The City (we the taxpayers) are paying $2.18 per rider per day. That is just the City’s contribution. The total budget allocated for 2011 is $1.87 million. That’s equates into $5123.28 PER DAY. Divide that by the avg number of riders and we come up with $37.13 per rider per day. Sounds pretty darn expensive to me.

  2. You’re right, Drur. Public transportation is pretty darn expensive, just as you said. City and CTA leadership discuss their budget and ridership throughout the year and of course the annual amount paid to CTA is reviewed by the Council each year.

    If you would like to contact your Council representation on this issue, you can find their information on our website: http://www.cityofcapegirardeau.org/CityHall/City-Council-Cape-Girardeau.aspx We can forward your comments if you let us know your ward number or address.

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