Bike Lane Striping Underway in Cape Girardeau

New bike lanes are being striped on designated bike routes around Cape Girardeau. In addition to “Share the Road” signage, the lanes will include both solid and dashed lines, shared use arrows, and bike symbols. Motorists are asked to keep an eye out for cyclists, especially where striping has begun on Lexington and Sprigg Streets, and Silver Springs Road. Cyclists are asked to follow all traffic laws and use hand signals.

Updated Bike Routes Map


  1. Great information on bicycle safety & traffic regulations. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend putting a link to these bicycle traffic laws on the city’s home page for easy access by the general public.

    I would also suggest that you extend this valuable information to include the Missouri Statutes regarding requirements for motor vehicles interacting with bicycles on the public roadways. Specifically Sections: 304.012, 304.678 & 304.016.4.

    Bicycle safety on public roadways is not merely contingent on the bicyclist’s behavior, but an interactive process that also includes the safe and proper operation of motorized vehicles when they are in close proximity to bicyclists. I believe we could reduce accidents and driver frustration by better educating both motor vehicle operators and bicyclists to fully understand and practice our existing traffic regulations.

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