EVTV Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention to feature Chris Paine, racing

By Domenick Yoney on green.autoblog.com

Cape Girardeau is generally thought of – when it’s thought of at all – as a modest Missouri town on a slow bend in the Mississippi river. For five days beginning September 21st however, it will become the center of the electric car conversion universe as Jack Rickard and his “compadre and consigliore” Brian Noto of EVTV host the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCcon).

What began as an idea for a get together of a handful of EV guys has mushroomed into a veritable electric convertapalooza after receiving a lot of interest from their international audience. Instead of a few guys hunkering down in the EVTV garage, a hundred or so enthusiasts will now be gathering at Jack’s aircraft hanger for an itinerary of wide-ranging activities that includes a keynote address by Chris Paine, the filmmaker behind Who Killed The Electric Car and Revenge of the Electric Car and a screening of that latter title.

Festivities kick off for the early birds with a tour of the EVTV garage and a look at their growing fleet of electrics, which includes three classic Porsche replicas, a MINI Clubman and the Ford Cobra replica they are currently building. The following few days will be filled with information sessions, featuring speakers such as George Hamstra of NetGain Motors and Sebastien Bourgeois of Rebirth Auto and EVnetics, as well as auto-centric events including an open-to-the-public quarter-mile drag racing and autocross competition.

They’ll also be announcing the winner of their $20,000 EV component give-away contest (you can read about the 10 finalists and put in your own vote here). Throw in lots of good food, some adult beverages (in moderation, thanks) and an armada of visiting lithium-powered vehicles and you have a happening conference well worth the price of entry. Check out their website for a complete run down of the schedule and, if this sounds like your kind of a good time, registration form.