Mural Interpretation Boards to Receive Update Via Missouri Humanities Council Grant

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Information from a Old Town Cape news release

Mississippi River Tales Murals
Mississippi River Tales Murals and Interpretation Boards

The Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau and Old Town Cape are excited to announce that their organizations have received a Missouri Humanities Council (MHC) Grant to help fund redesigning and reprinting the Mural Interpretation Boards along the Mississippi River Tales Mural.

The Mississippi River Tales Mural celebrates the history of Cape Girardeau through a series of artistic depictions of significant historical moments. Spanning the length of the downtown commercial district, this mural is a landmark for the region and provides an opportunity to educate visitors about Cape Girardeau’s past. The Mural Interpretation Boards provide the in-depth analysis of what each image symbolizes that is necessary to establish the link between art and history.

A collaboration of Old Town Cape, the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau and the MHC made this project possible via a realization of the importance of bringing the history of Cape Girardeau to the community, while also attracting tourists with the area’s rich history.

“It’s no secret Old Town Cape is one of the best-run downtown organizations in the state,” said MHC Executive Director Steve Belko. “When they came to us looking to help preserve, cherish, and promote Cape’s vibrant history, we knew they would be good stewards of our funding. We’re looking forward to seeing the new interpretation boards up the next time we head down to Water Street.”

On July 30, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the mural’s dedication will be held to honor this downtown landmark and those who contributed to its fruition. The boards will be installed before this ceremony to help officially mark the occasion.

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